Who We Are

At My Voyage Trail, we are passionate about curating exceptional travel experiences that immerse you in the wonders of nature, foster learning and personal growth, and unleash your creative potential.

As a leading provider of wildlife tours, educational tours, and photography tours, we strive to create transformative journeys that connect you with the world in meaningful and enriching ways. Our wildlife tours take you on thrilling adventures into the heart of the natural world. Led by expert guides and naturalists, we offer unparalleled opportunities to witness and appreciate the diverse wildlife found in their natural habitats. From the awe-inspiring majesty of African safaris to the mesmerizing marine life of pristine oceans, we create immersive experiences that celebrate the beauty and importance of conservation. 

Our educational tours go beyond traditional learning environments, offering engaging and immersive experiences that ignite curiosity and expand knowledge. Whether you are a student, an educational institution, or a lifelong learner, our carefully designed itineraries provide unique opportunities to delve into diverse subjects. From walking in the footsteps of historical figures to engaging with local communities and experts, our educational tours foster a deeper understanding of history, art, science, culture, and more. We believe that travel is a powerful tool for education, and we are committed to creating experiences that inspire a lifelong love of learning.  Capture the world through your lens with our photography tours designed for both amateur enthusiasts and seasoned professionals. Led by experienced photographers, we take you to awe-inspiring landscapes, cultural treasures, and wildlife-rich environments, providing a perfect blend of artistic guidance and creative freedom. Whether you want to master composition, experiment with lighting, or refine your post-processing techniques, our photography tours offer a supportive environment to enhance your skills. Immerse yourself in stunning locations, connect with fellow photographers, and create a portfolio of breathtaking images that tell your unique visual story. Our team of knowledgeable guides, naturalists, educators, and photographers are passionate about their respective fields. Their expertise, enthusiasm, and commitment to excellence ensure that you receive an exceptional and immersive experience tailored to your interests.